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Therapy is a process of change from inside out… a metamorphosis revealing your true potential, who you always were meant to be. The progress of the therapeutic process totally depends on your commitment to change.

You can contact us for support with

  • anxiety
  • panic disorders
  • depression
  • IBS
  • weight management
  • relationships issues
  • anger management
  • recovery from domestic abuse and sexual abuse
  • trauma resolution
  • post-traumatic stress
  • phobias
  • grief and loss
  • psychosomatic symptoms
  • habits breaking
  • self-esteem and confidence issues
  • goals setting and personal development / inner work
  • stress management

We use an abundant blend of integrative therapy models and energy psychology and we can tailor our approach around your individual needs.

We love including self-compassion and creative art tools in therapy and we are specialised in working with trauma and anxiety.

Releasing trauma and hurt as well as letting go and forgiveness are essential steps in the process of healing.

We can support you to work with your issues and transmute the core of your being in a resourceful and abundant emotional and mental state.

We work with people all ages and walks of life and we value diversity.

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Support programs

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Wellbeing workshops



“I got my own Russian dolls! These are going to be great at reminding me to be self-compassionate to the other “little me” from the past and to look after them.” One of my clients after working with past trauma and self-compassion.

“Love yourself enough to recognise the things you don’t like about your life and find the courage to change them.”

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