About us


Adriana Talaba

emotional wellbeing therapist

Founder and Director of Transmute Wellbeing Ltd

Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, EFT certified practitioner, Talking Therapy Consultant

Adriana and Transmute Wellbeing

Having over 20 years’ experience in the field of health and social care internationally and in UK, after she qualified as a therapist, Adriana decided to develop an independent service that can complement the gaps that exist at the moment in the referral system and therapy choices for the public.

Adriana brings to the therapy room a diversity of knowledge, experience, skills, and professional values and nevertheless acceptance, calm and empathy.

She works with clients of all ages and walks of life, as long as she knows that she has the knowledge, skills and qualification to support them.

What you should know about us

Transmute Wellbeing works in collaboration with other organisations and professionals to ensure the client’s needs are being met and referred appropriately to other professionals if needed in an efficient way.

In addition to the therapies provided, Transmute Wellbeing is actively involved in:

  • Talking Therapies for victims of sexual abuse working closely with other organisations
  • Workshops on resilience and stress management for highly stressful professions
  • Wellbeing workshops
  • Weekend retreats – personal development and stress relief

Transmute Wellbeing works closely with a number of alternative and complementary therapists that can offer assistance to our clients as needed.

  • Concessionary rates available and free webinars.
  • Online sessions and workshops available.

We practice integrative therapy and the number of sessions offered are as needed.


A bit of storytelling …

Adriana grew up in the mountains of Transylvania and as soon as communism ended, she realised as a teenager at that time, that almost all what she knew to be true, it is not…

After many years of facing challenges and learning to be free, she realised that the only control and security she will ever have will always be within herself.

She worked and traveled in various parts of the world and she was fascinated by people, various cultures and the natural world.

She loves gardening, long walks outdoor and she often goes by the sea to relax, no matter the weather.

Adriana moved to the UK in 2005, wanting to start all over again, at the age of 30 and as single mother of a 3 years old son.

Adjusting to a new culture, language and social system and meanwhile being a single parent, it was never easy! She realised that “someone” pressed the “delete button’’ and her identity was gone!

And so, it was! She needed to manage her fears, losses and to see her future with an innocent eye!

She learned that who we become at a certain moment in time is not defining us, but is rather a result of who we are, what we do and the context.

By then she was already an experienced nurse and had a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work.

Adriana started the journey “in search of self” and soon she realised that she always wanted to work more closely with people (looking retrospectively to her nursing career and the same it happened in her social work career).

And so she discovered her vocation is to be a therapist and she lived happily ever after…


Therapeutic Qualifications

AIM Award Level 3 Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Counselling skills

AIM Award Level 4 Diploma in Counselling Skills and Theory 

AIM Awards Level 4 Diploma in Psycho-Therapeutic Counselling

EFT certified practitioner level 2  – EFT international

Post Qualification Professional Development

Inner Child – Short form Trauma Resolution TRE – Penny Parks Foundation

Treating panic disorders – National College of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Compassionate approach to therapy – National College of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders – Rewind techniques – National Counselling Society

Irritable Bowel Syndrome and hypnotherapy (IBS) – National College of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Creative Art Therapy Hypnotherapy Society – Higher Perspectives Training

Hypno Gastric Band – Hampshire School of Hypnotherapy

Hypno analysis – Indigo training

Hypno-attraction – Law of attraction and Hypnotherapy – Indigo training

Habits and Addictions – changing patterns of behaviour – Higher Perspectives Training

Sexual violence recovery toolkit – Rock Pool London

Advanced Neurolinguistic Hypnotherapy – School of Clinical & Neurolinguistic Therapy

Trauma Talking Therapy – Anglia Therapy

Self Harm and Suicide – Caroline Spring


Professional Registrations

National Hypnotherapy Society

registrant professional member (NHS)



National Counselling Society

associate member (NCS) 


EFT International

student-certified practitioner

Supervision and Insurance

Compliant with the National Hypnotherapy Society, National Counselling Society and EFT International Code of Ethics and Code of Practice.

Insured to practice and compliant with Data Protection regulations.

DBS checked.

Regular clinical supervision with an experienced supervisor (BACP member) and with an EFT master practitioner.

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