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Emotional Wellbeing &Post Traumatic Grouth

Adriana R Talaba

Founder and Director of Transmute Wellbeing Ltd

Hypnotherapy, Psycho-therapeutic Counseling , EFT ,

Psycho-therapeutic Coaching

Independent Social Work  ,Consultancy, Training Facilitation,Supervision,Professional Support Coaching

The meaning for Transmute Wellbeing Limited is inspired from the concept of alchemic transformation of human behaviour, the powerful process of transformation from within. All we need is within us, we just need to process and transmute naturally what we already have, in order to discover our true potential. Feeling stuck, unhappy or tired with life is because our true self is ready to reveal, to transmute and manifest itself.

Adriana and Transmute Wellbeing

Having over 25 years’ experience in the field of health and social care internationally and in the UK, Adriana has a background in nursing and social work. In 2016 Adriana, decided to develop an independent service that can complement the existing gaps and enable choices for the public to access therapy and other wellbeing and specialist support services.

Our Services are mainly focused on talking therapy.

Transmute Wellbeing Limited however, has additional collaborations and commitments, all contributing to the wellbeing of the public.

Talking Therapies Consultant for victims of sexual abuse working closely with other organisations.

Bespoke Training facilitation

Accredited Facilitator of Sexual Violence Recovery Toolkit Program

Independent Social Work

  • expert reports
  • consultancy
  • supervision
  • coaching
  • training facilitation

Consultancy delivered to organizations and charities who are working with vulnerable people as part of Taye Training .


  • Volunteer Coach for Professional Support Services for BASW (British Association of Social Workers.)


Adriana’s story and her value-based investment in Transmute Wellbeing Limited

I grew up in the mountains of Transylvania and as soon as communism ended, I realised as a teenager at that time, that almost all what I knew to be true, it is not…

I moved to the UK in 2005, wanting to start all over again, at the age of 30 and as single mother of a 3 years old son, after experiencing domestic abuse, various traumas and having had developed a belief system and  coping strategies embedded in my culture at the time.

By then I was already a nurse for 11 years and I just achieved a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work.

Adjusting to a new culture, language and social system and meanwhile being a single parent, it was never easy! I realised that “someone” pressed the “delete button’’ and my identity (as I knew it) was gone!

And so, it was! I needed to manage my fears, losses and to see my future with an innocent eye!

The social isolation and inability to express myself in a new culture , was a great pain and a great lesson of humility.

I started the journey “in search of self” and I dedicated myself to learning new things and adapt to the new culture.

I had the great opportunity to meet amazing people who challenged me and encouraged me to develop , learn and accept myself for who I am.

The training and mentoring I had is invaluable .

But the switch came from within, whilst I was doing the simple things, like gardening, long walks outdoor or going by the sea .

In this moments of calm,naturalness  and mindfulness  I understood  that the only control and security I will ever have will always be within myself.

And then I looked within again, and I acknowledged   what was always natural and effortless for me to do, was holding the space, listening and supporting people  to have a better quality of life.

Therefore, I also continue applying my social work skills and knowledge in supporting others to be a confident and love what they are doing and, in many cases, enable individuals and families to have a better quality of life.

Was I able to achieve all this without self-awareness, without the support offered to me, without accepting and processing my traumas and development needs and transmuting all of this into personal strengths?

My message to you is that you have the ability to have the life you want, that you are accountable but that you are not alone and accessing and accepting  support can make this process easier and faster.


Therapeutic Qualifications

AIM Award Level 3 Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Counselling skills

AIM Award Level 4 Diploma in Counselling Skills and Theory 

AIM Awards Level 4 Diploma in Psycho-Therapeutic Counselling

EFT certified practitioner level 2  – EFT international

Post Qualification Professional Development

Inner Child – Short form Trauma Resolution TRE – Penny Parks Foundation

Treating panic disorders – National College of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Compassionate approach to therapy – National College of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders – Rewind techniques – National Counselling Society

Irritable Bowel Syndrome and hypnotherapy (IBS) – National College of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Creative Art Therapy Hypnotherapy Society – Higher Perspectives Training

Hypno Gastric Band – Hampshire School of Hypnotherapy

Hypno analysis – Indigo training

Hypno-attraction – Law of attraction and Hypnotherapy – Indigo training

Habits and Addictions – changing patterns of behaviour – Higher Perspectives Training

Sexual violence recovery toolkit – Rock Pool London

Advanced Neurolinguistic Hypnotherapy – School of Clinical & Neurolinguistic Therapy

Trauma Talking Therapy – Anglia Therapy

Self Harm and Suicide – Caroline Spring

Body and Trauma – Caroline Spring

Sexual Violence Recovery – Counselling Tutor

Single session Therapy – Counselling Tutor

Online Counselling – Counselling Tutor

Coaching training – Strengthening practice

Professional Registrations

National Hypnotherapy Society

registrant professional member (NHS)



National Counselling Society

associate member (NCS) 


EFT International

student-certified practitioner

Supervision and Insurance

Compliant with the National Hypnotherapy Society, National Counselling Society and EFT International Code of Ethics and Code of Practice.

Insured to practice and Data Controller.

DBS checked.

Regular clinical supervision with an experienced supervisor (BACP member) and with an EFT master practitioner.

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