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We offer professional, safe, and compassionate support.

The Clinic

After you contact us, we offer an assessment session when we both assess if we can work together and what is the best way forward for you.

The assessment session is hugely important for your journey and it is at no obligation to start therapy or coaching with us.

As we work with a multitude of therapeutic models, we can tailor the treatments around individual needs and there is no set number of sessions but rather an initial treatment plan that will be reviewed and adjusted as needed.

With us you can have from one session to on ongoing number of sessions, depending on what you need help with and how are you engaging in the process.

Adriana is providing all the one-to-one sessions and she can refer you if you wish to her network of associates therapists in case you need couple counselling or other specialist field therapy that she is not offering.

Also, becoming a member of The Wisdom Club (subject to intake assessment)can be for you an option before or after therapy or coaching .

We also offer online sessions subject to initial assessment.

*As we are in an ongoing process of professional development, we sometimes offer concessionary rates for volunteers /case study volunteers to support us to specialise.

Remember that you do not have to stay with a therapist to whom you cannot relate or feel safe, or whom you cannot trust. If possible, though, try to talk to your therapist first about anything you are uncomfortable with. This can often be very helpful.

Suicidal feelings

If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts and feel that you may harm yourself or want to take your own life it is important to tell someone and get help.
If your thoughts around suicide are consuming, there are a number of options for keeping safe:

  • Talk to someone you trust and ask for help
  • Call 999 and ask for an ambulance
  • Go to your nearest A&E department
  • Talk to an advisor at the Samaritans.

If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts but do not feel that you will take any action we advise that you contact your GP for further advice.
For further information and/or advice about immediate help please visit: